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I’m back!

Hello! I am officially back! I will be posting Annie’s memories some time this week. I hope you all enjoy and continue to be here.

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Can we talk about the claw marks on Peetas backpack though


pretty sure these are thanks to some sewer residing lizard mutts


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"Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?"

"I vote no, and Finnick would vote no too, if he were here."

95 percent of his character is this attachment to the person that he loves and the trauma that he is going through.

—Francis Lawrence on Finnick’s relationship with Annie Cresta (via a-ballad-for-annie)

(…) I would have Finnick by my side and we would watch our children grow up. And they wouldn’t be reaped. We would watch them warmly with loving hearts, and as they grew up, Finnick and I would grow old together.

—Annie Cresta making me cry in Colliding Together (via creztas)


↳ jesse williams as finnick odair | emilia clarke as annie cresta

Did you love Annie right away, Finnick?” I ask.

No." A long time passes before he adds, "She crept up on me.”

The Hunger Games Imagine- Letter to Finnick


Dear Daddy,
You don’t know me but I’m your son Finn. Mommy says I’m kind of named after you but it’s different because my name is shorter than yours. It’s probably because I’m short. One day I will grow big and tall and maybe I’ll be able to reach you because Mommy says you’re in the sky. I want…

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I bet that Haymitch had a hard time when he asked Finnick to put on his bracelet to the arena instead of the seashell necklace made by Annie. But he knew he had to give it up because the bracelet was an important proof to convince Katniss not to shoot him the minute she would ge a bow in her hands. Finnick knew that it was highly possible that he would die in the arena, so all along the last thing he would’ve wanted to feel before death was just a little piece of Annie against his chest again.


sleep well my love

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