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Annie rests her cheek against the cool glass of the window pane, watching the still world of the Victor’s Village. To the outsiders, it is perfect, with its pristinely maintained pastel mansions and gorgeous white sand beach. The world they see would fit perfectly in the snow globes the Capitol…


Annie Cresta.

Mentors in The Hunger Games and the Role Finnick Odair Played (Part 2)


Hello tumblr!! I really appreciate the reblogs, likes, and comments on my first post about Mentors in The Hunger Games and the Role Finnick Odair Played

I have had a great discussion with trovia about this topic, and it has definitely opened some new ideas that have slightly shifted my…


The only thing that gives me hope, other than thought of a little Finnick, is that I KNOW in the end, when everything will be over, they’ll find each other again, and this time, nothing will tear them apart.

so that’s who finnick l o v e s

Day 39


This is partially based off of a request from angie1djonasgg who asked for “related to Annie’s victory party at the president Snow’s mansion, so It could be something like that,and Finnick stars to feel he needs to protect Annie when a powerful man from the capitol is having his eyes on…

Day 41


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I feel so much better today but I still stayed in bed to rest my ankle since I’ve been straining it a lot lately. Wearing that boot put it out of whack so I want to keep off of it. Plus, I’m going to wear the boot tomorrow when Annie and I go for our interview…

The Star-Crossed Lovers of District 4


People who talk shit about Annie Cresta…



Me during the first half of Mockingjay when Finnick and Annie are reunited…

Me during the second half of Mockingjay when the author decides to kill Finnick during a super depressing montage featuring the love of his life and the only mother figure he’s ever had…


I'm here without you.

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Sad-sad-sad(( I really love Finnick Odair and hope his son will be as sweet as his father is.

Annie Odair (Cresta) and her son (c) The Mockingjay by S. Collins

I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.

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