Thoughts Of A Girl Gone Mad

Annie Cesta

My love. You have my heart for all eternity. And if I die in that area…


What if Finnick and Annie had to go to a meeting in the Capitol and just secretly held hands under the table

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Name: Annie Cresta

Annie volunteered for the Hunger Games to help bring prosperity to her family. She barely survived the games and was pushed to the brink of insanity. Her family was lost in a fishing accident during her time in the arena, so she returned to nothing but the riches she had no use for. The only one who ever made her mentoring bearable was Finnick Odair. Much to Annie’s surprise, comfort eventually turned to love.

Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta - aka tragic cuties.


Memoirs Of Mad Annie by BalDuMoulin81


Annie Cresta

"I vote no, and Finnick would vote no too, if he were here"

Finnick has another night of restless sleep and occasionally murmurs Annie’s name.

—Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire (via district4lovers)


but I keep your memory,
you visit me in my sleep.



Annie rests her cheek against the cool glass of the window pane, watching the still world of the Victor’s Village. To the outsiders, it is perfect, with its pristinely maintained pastel mansions and gorgeous white sand beach. The world they see would fit perfectly in the snow globes the Capitol…

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